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Ahem! Just clearing my throat for this one...
I thought Mama's have eyes in the back of their heads? Why couldn't Mama see that the seat was up before plopping her lurvly arse onto the throne? Sure, blame the kiddos or everyone else that you (Mama) got a surprise of cold water on your Royal HighnAss when you (mama) could not be bothered to open your eyes in the front or back of your heed. Ahh that felt good. I will be ducking for cover now. byeeeeeeeeeee

Mama... ahem. Has eyes in the back of her head. And - she's got catlike reflexes. So when the portion of the body seemed to lower more than normal? Animal instinct kicked in and christening of the *ahem* area was indeed avoided. However, you speak as though you have perhaps been a victim of your own bad habit? mmhmm. #justsayin. Care to share?

Well mama, I have grown up in a house of women and have gone down this road before. Evah heard of the saying "look before you leap"?
Just curious, you mentioned you fell in and yet you said your animal instincts kicked in and there was no "christening" in your reBUTT. Which is it?
Imma gonna play Mamas advocate here for a sec. If I were have a seat at the throne and was in a rush. I would look or grab seat first. Sit second. Butt that's me.

You got out of bed to reBUTT our reBUTT? NICE! *fistbump* mama fell in - but didn't hit water. Compare the scene to walking on water. Like most woman do. That's all.

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